Lacie Tech Support doesn't know what a share is

I recently got a Lacie D2 network drive. It has been working pretty well, I’m using it for SMB share, AFP share, time machine and to share movies and music to my ps3.

I own a copy of Office that is the download-able version. It is basically a selft-extracting exe that then runs a setup.

I had it stored in a SMB share on the Lacie drive. I ran it. The setup crashed. Then, AFP crashed on my NAS. Rebooting it made things worse. AFP wouldn’t start. Bonjour wouldn’t start. Not long after, SMB wouldn’t start.
Logfiles seemed to indicate that the system’s drive was full. I presume the system is stored on Flash storage in the NAS itself.

I contacted Lacie support. They could only instruct me to reset the unit to factory settings. At least, no data was lost.
I then asked if it could be related in any way to me running a setup file directly from the share, expecting them to tell me there is a known issue when reading a file and writing a lot at the same time or something similar..
Instead, I got this reply:

Tech Support dude.

Makes no sense
Posted: September 3, 2009 @ 7:23 AM

It was related to running the .exe file on the drive.  The file is proprietary to an OS such as XP, Vista, or Mac OS X.  Running the file on a non-conforming OS is going to create severe havoc and other issues.  I am glad the reset resolved the issue.


Tech support dude

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3 Responses to Lacie Tech Support doesn't know what a share is

  1. BoD says:


    wow this got to be the most ridiculous answer ever

  2. Laurent says:

    So if you double-click on an MP3 file, does the music come from the NAS? 🙂

  3. Guillaume says:

    Very good point! The guy thinks smb is like dlna where the nas streams!

    Nas = citrix server!

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