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VCP on vSphere 4 – VCP410 exam resources

Here is a list of what I used last week, right after taking the ICM course for vSphere, in order to pass my VCP exam.

vSphere4 Card | vReference

This little document packs a lot of punch, read it a few times !

vSphere4 notes | vReference.

This document is longer, and includes a lot of interesting info about vSphere. Could be just what you need if upgrading from an older certification !

And finally, I used a few test exams:

VCP vSphere 4 Practice Exam – The SLOG – SimonLong/Blog.

All exams from Simon Long were useful, the ones concentrating on the maximums will help you know if you know that stuff by heart as you should. Be aware that I felt that the actual exam was a good 20-25% harder than the test questions of the main test exam.

I then used the mock exam from VMware (you can find it after login into myLearn).

Be sure not to attempt the test exams before you are relatively sure you’re ready, as they don’t have many questions and doing them too fast will then make them useless as you will already know most questions and answers. VMware’s mock exam felt a bit easier than the real one too, by about 10-15%.

Good luck to everyone!

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Experiment of the week..Chromium on OS X

Latest build of Chromium 4 as my default browser for a week, on OS X.

Let’s see how I can survive this.

First step: Install AdBlock+ And Subscribe to EasyList. That was why I could never survive Chrome before. Oh well that and the fact that the window decorations on Chrome for Windows make me want to jump out of the Window. (no pun in…yeah it was intended).

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EFS Recovery – Problems with Ntbackup

If you are trying to perform EFS recovery by backing up encrypted files on a client machine and sending the backup file to a dedicated recovery workstation, remember this:

1) You need to be a local admin while performing the backup, and the restore, in order to back up the data stream even though you don’t have access to the encrypted files.

2) If a policy is disabling EFS on the recovery workstation, ntbackup won’t tell you that it can’t create the encrypted files because EFS is disabled. No. It will simply SKIP the files. So if you have files that get skipped, try to manually create a folder and encrypt it. It has to work else you will not be able to restore the backup properly..

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