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Why you should never buy Lacie drives

First, you buy a LaCie D2 drive. You’re excited.

My new Lacie D2 Network drive is Time Machine compatible. That means it’s really easy to setup with Time Machine – no hacks required, it just gets detected.

LaCie D2 Network – Time Machine

Then, you get blamed for running a .exe from a share on it. That exe was the MS Office installer. Why was that a problem? EXEs are not compatible with the drive’s operating system !

It was related to running the .exe file on the drive.  The file is proprietary to an OS such as XP, Vista, or Mac OS X.  Running the file on a non-conforming OS is going to create severe havoc and other issues.  I am glad the reset resolved the issue.

Lacie Tech Support doesn’t know what a share is

And then, you ask them about firmware updates to fix some small issues here and there, and this is what they tell you, barely over a year after you bought it:

Since this type of unit is no longer made, it’s unlikely there will be any further firmware updates for

So am I surprised that my piece of junk Lacie D2 NAS does not support the latest AFP protocol required for Time Machine?

Of course I’m not. But who cares, it’s not like I trusted the thing as my main backup anyways.

Cause: The LaCie NAS OS does not support Time Machine with Mac OS X Lion.
Solution: Use Mac OS X 10.6.x or earlier when using Time Machine to back up your Mac to a LaCie network hard drive.

But I’m sorry. The solution is actually to buy hardware from a company that at least pretends to give a damn. Apple should be ashamed of allowing this junk in an Apple store. I don’t care how cool your USB sticks look or how fast your Thunderbolt drives are, LaCie, I’d rather use old Sony 1.44inch floppies. Oh, and I called my D2 “Lassie”, cause it runs like a dog.

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Removing broken links from sidebar in Lion

A very small post for people searching about this specific issue:

You’re trying to delete an icon/shortcut from the sidebar in Finder, under Mac OS X Lion/10.7.

Right clicking doesn’t work, because that folder does not exist, or maybe it points to a share using an old version of AFP or SMB that you can’t connect to, because some company that almost has the same name as a famous dog if you pronounce it in french is a bad company that doesn’t update the firmware on any hardware old enough to have a lot of important data on it.

What you need to do is hold command and drag it to Trash instead of doing a right click.

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