Why you should never buy Lacie drives

First, you buy a LaCie D2 drive. You’re excited.

My new Lacie D2 Network drive is Time Machine compatible. That means it’s really easy to setup with Time Machine – no hacks required, it just gets detected.

LaCie D2 Network – Time Machine

Then, you get blamed for running a .exe from a share on it. That exe was the MS Office installer. Why was that a problem? EXEs are not compatible with the drive’s operating system !

It was related to running the .exe file on the drive.  The file is proprietary to an OS such as XP, Vista, or Mac OS X.  Running the file on a non-conforming OS is going to create severe havoc and other issues.  I am glad the reset resolved the issue.

Lacie Tech Support doesn’t know what a share is

And then, you ask them about firmware updates to fix some small issues here and there, and this is what they tell you, barely over a year after you bought it:

Since this type of unit is no longer made, it’s unlikely there will be any further firmware updates for

So am I surprised that my piece of junk Lacie D2 NAS does not support the latest AFP protocol required for Time Machine?

Of course I’m not. But who cares, it’s not like I trusted the thing as my main backup anyways.

Cause: The LaCie NAS OS does not support Time Machine with Mac OS X Lion.
Solution: Use Mac OS X 10.6.x or earlier when using Time Machine to back up your Mac to a LaCie network hard drive.

But I’m sorry. The solution is actually to buy hardware from a company that at least pretends to give a damn. Apple should be ashamed of allowing this junk in an Apple store. I don’t care how cool your USB sticks look or how fast your Thunderbolt drives are, LaCie, I’d rather use old Sony 1.44inch floppies. Oh, and I called my D2 “Lassie”, cause it runs like a dog.

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12 Responses to Why you should never buy Lacie drives

  1. Douglas says:

    I got a LaCie Network Drive 2 and recently updated to Mac Os Lion. I want the Time Machine to work!!! 🙁

  2. Joscha Feth says:

    I just got the answer from support, that they won’t update the firmware for Lion. Definitely a “why you should never buy LaCie drives” 🙁

  3. David says:

    Uh, Joscha, they already DID update the firmware, at least in beta form. See http://content.wuala.com/contents/LaCie%20NAS%20OS%202.0%20public%20beta/NAS%20OS%202.0%20public%20beta%20instructions.pdf .

    Of course, I can’t actually get this to install on my d2, but I assume that will eventually get worked out.

  4. Joscha Feth says:

    @David: that’s not for the d2 Network – only for d2 Network 2!

  5. Guillaume says:

    Indeed it is only for the second version of the hardware. It still appears Lacie is totally dropping the product we have.

    Coupled with the bad tech support I’ve always got from them, and the fact that their products are far from being very reliable (I thought the unit was kind of a “pro” unit which would be better than cheap consumer stuff – clearly not), you can be sure my next NAS will be a QNAP or something like that.

  6. Macdots says:

    My Lacie 2big Network does not support the latest AFP protocol on mac os lion and they already update the firmwares for Lacie 2big Network 2 (New Product). Of Course because Lacie is Lazy….

    Sory my bad english like Lacie…

  7. Gene says:

    Lacie just pushes by with their “design” concept. Yeah, cool. But I’d sort of prefer a Multimedia HDD that I can use for more then six months without missing out on latest file formats, codecs and so—Lacie does not care, they will just rather updating any further firmware as soon as possible. The company’s expectations is that you will go on to buy a newer model. Sure, I will. But Lacie never again!!

  8. Jam Mo says:

    Thank you! Been looking for a solution to this…!

  9. Nice looking devices but I discovered this is one book you definitely cannot judge by its cover. Every LaCie drive I have bought has failed at least once under warranty and then again out of warranty, starting with a 250GB which was the first LaCie I owned. Then in 2008-2009 I purchased two 2TB LaCie drives for Apple OS X Time Machine back up – one onsite, rotating with the other kept alternately offsite in case of burglary, fire etc. Both failed twice under warranty and were replaced each time, in both cases requiring the deletion of the entire backup history. Then they both failed again out of warranty. I discovered the drives themselves were actually 2x1TB in an array, not a single 2TB drive. I took these two 1TB drives out of the silver LaCie case, and mounted them directly in the Mac Pro drive bays, and discovered they were both OK, so I contacted LaCie to get replacement for the circuitry so I could reconstruct the 2TB array drive as before. They told me they no longered carried these as spare parts. I then told them I would never buy another LaCie drive, and would spread this information far and wide. Their final email said they understood how I felt.

  10. Ari Porzecanski says:

    Best rant ever. Lacie products look great, but fall very short. And the support you get from Lacie is garbage. I had to get on to social media, Twitter, in order to get a replacement fan for my 2 Big Network 2 NAS. Will never buy Lacie again. I heard the Synology is far superior.

  11. Pikefisher says:

    Read these replies with interest, have been using a large number of LaCie hard drives and Nas drives for many years and whilst I have experienced what seemed to be ‘drive failures’, thet all turned out to the power supplies losing the 12v side of the dual voltage and not spinning the drive up to full speed, new power supplies cured these problems and latest drives use a single voltage power supply which has been much more reliable.

    If you experience a ‘drive failure’ where the lamps show its OK but it won’t mount, and you can,t access it, swap to another power supply, if you have one of course, before ditching the drive….

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