Using an iPhone or iPod Touch with an ELM327 Wifi OBD-II

With an application such as Rev for iPhone and a ELM327, you can wirelessly obtain a lot of information from your car. The App Store also has Rev Lite which lacks a lot of feature but can be useful to just test the connectivity before paying for a more expensive app.

Due to limitations in the iOS Bluetooth stack, make sure you buy the Wi-Fi version of it on eBay and not the Bluetooth one, unless you have jailbroken your phone and really know what you’re doing.

ELM327 can be ordered on eBay, most of them ship directly from Asia and should cost under $50 with shipping.

  1. Connect the ELM327 to your car.
  2. On your iOS device, in the Settings, chose to connect to a Wi-Fi network. My ELM327 is called “CLKDevices” but your mileage may vary. It should be relatively easy to find out which one it is unless you’re in a very Wi-Fi heavy area, in which case you can just drive a bit down the road and see what name hasn’t disappeared.
  3. Once connected to that Wi-Fi network, click the small blue arrow to go to the advanced settings for it. Set the IP Address to Static. Configure the IP address to and the Subnet Mask to Then, go back and exit the settings. Other guides/videos might tell you to configure an IP as a “router”. That is not only useless but annoying as it would mean your iPhone would attempt to join the Internet through your ELM327 and any data would not come through as it’s connected to your car. Don’t set a router.
  4. Start your car. The OBD-II port was providing power to the ELM327 but in some cases you will not be able to retrieve any data from it if the car is not started.
  5. In your App, configure the connection to use a custom TCP connection with IP and TCP Port 35000.
  6. Enjoy reading all this information on your car better and cheaper than by using the crappy scanners they sell in stores.
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132 Responses to Using an iPhone or iPod Touch with an ELM327 Wifi OBD-II

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  2. Hugo says:

    I bought the elm327 obdII device and i have a iphone 4 and i can’t find the device on my wifi list… what can i do?

    • Guillaume says:

      It seems the SSID is somewhat random.
      Turn on the car with the device plugged, scan for networks (use a laptop, it’s a bit easier to refresh often). Note the list of SSIDs, then unplug the device and see if any network disappears.

      It could also be defective.

    • Kyle says:

      Have you found out the problem for not being able to find the obd device on wifi?
      I’m experiencing the same problem.

      • Spazticus says:

        I got mine to work, but I’m using iOS7.1.1 on a 4S. When I bought I my ELM327 I couldn’t get it to connect with anything, but I was using freebie software on an ancient laptop and an older iPhone (practically obsolete hardware to be honest). On a lark I downloaded the app and used the instructions above, and it connects nicely. I would note that, after plugging it in and turning on the vehicle, it seems to take mine about a minute before phone notices it. Once I added the IP address and Subnet Mask settings as described, all was good in the world.

      • Gabriel Rebelo says:

        Same thing here. Iphone 4, IOS 7 the wifi from the ELM just desapears….

    • dave says:

      I was just looking at a cheap one on ebay and go look at the fine print because it says it only works on the Android system some of them so play close attention to that first time ever on the site and maybe last but Casino pop up and thought I’d answer it…!!!

  3. Sam says:

    Which app are you using?

    I’ve tried using Rev Lite with the method you suggest above and it does not connect at all within the app.

    Connection to the ELM327 seems to be fine though – Clearly shows as connected.

    • Guillaume says:

      I had it working with Rev Lite, but now I use the full Rev.
      I think part of the problem is sometimes that these things are completely randomly setup. Some have different SSIDs, and maybe some even have different IP addresses.

      What I would suggest doing is: Connect your laptop to the ELM327 over wifi. Use a sniffer like Wireshark to see the traffic and determine the IP address of your dongle. That could be the issue.

      Also, using a Telnet client (such as Putty or even the built-in Windows telnet client – which isn’t installed by default on the latest versions), you should be able to telnet into the IP address of your ELM327 on port 35000 and see raw OBDII data. If not, you don’t have the right IP, it’s on a different port, or it’s another completely random thing.

      QA on these doesn’t seem to be a priority! Fortunately they are cheap..

      Another suggestion: Make sure you turn on the car before trying, simply plugging it in or setting the car to accessory will enable Wifi but not full connectivity.

    • Joesiah says:

      Try torque

  4. Esteban says:

    hello… either using rev lite or rev full version Iam unable to see boost and many many other options…. EML 327 wifi connected to OBDII on an Audi TT 2000

  5. Esteban says:

    Thank you Guillaume,

    Yes I see some useless data…not even rpms

    But tried DashCommand app and I am able to see rpms but not boost there for you right there are several PIDs not supported

  6. Larry says:

    Thank you very much this information is great. I have an additional question please.
    Assuming x2 applications on the iPhone both want to connect to the WiFi OBD ELM327 at the same time, is this possible and if so how would one accomplish this?
    Thanks in advance

  7. Kirill says:

    Hi! I’ve bought on of these ELM327 as well and mine works just fine with iPhone, but I can’t connect my Windows PC to the network. It just says “Windows was unable to join CLKDevices”. And a picture near CLKDevices in the list of available networks is three computers and a yellow exclamation mark. Have you tried to connect yours to a PC?

    • Guillaume says:

      I connected it to my Mac and it worked. Ensure you’re setting a static IP to your machine when on wifi..

      • Kirill says:

        Did you use MacOS on your Mac at that time or Windows? I’ve just tried MacOS and it also worked. But not Windows. Do you know of any good soft for MacOS? I only have ScanXL for Windows, but nothing for MacOS.

        • Guillaume says:

          I telnetted directly on Mac, it was just for troubleshooting.

          On Windows, if you connect and do ipconfig /all what is the output?

          • Kirill says:

            On windows I configure the adaptor (IP and Mask), then choose the CLKDevices network from the list and click Connect and then I get “Windows was unable to join CLKDevices”.

  8. felip says:

    iHi! I’ve bought on of these ELM327 as well but for some reason i cant connect with my iPhone5
    please help any body

    • Guillaume says:

      Provide more info. Do you see the wifi network at all? Is the problem wireless connectivity or getting apps to communicate?

      • Yana says:

        I have the same problem. I`ve read, that this is a problem of OBD interfaces. They say, that iphone 5 doesn`t support some features that is need to connect to OBD. So what should I do? To find and buy a new OBD or to wait for your software update?

        • Guillaume says:

          Just to be clear I don’t make any software. I’ll try it on my iPhone 5 probably tomorrow to see if it still works on the latest iOS and everything..

  9. tim ploeg says:

    I picked up an elm327 wifi and can connect to it from my IPhone 4. I can see the wifi connection but I too can’t get an app to connect to it. Using rev light i get an error saying device disconnected ( turn car off then on, unplug elm then replug) I have tried this and nothing works. I was able to use the demo software on the disk that came with it through my PC … but I want to use my phone. Please help

    • Guillaume says:

      Did you configure your laptop and iPhone with the same static IP for the wifi?

      Does the wifi connection establish properly from your iPhone 4?

  10. Arnaldo Lourencani says:

    I have a ELM 327 Wifi, can you send me the software for Iphone 4S ? I do no found it…
    Mey email is [email protected] from Brazil.
    Thanks in advance

  11. Nice. The custom IP setup was the key for me.

    As a reference for others, My SSID is WIFIODB2 on my ELM 327 (maybe someone googling it can find this page).

    I guess we both got a “good deal”: you gave me the answer I was looking for, I’m one of the developers for the Jetpack plugin (and WordPress[.com]) I notice your site is running. Enjoy, and thanks again for posting that! 🙂

  12. Ibrahim Khudrew says:

    Hi all,
    I have the ELM327 running on my iPhone 4S using the full version of Rev.
    My issue is it works very well one my main car however when connecting it to any other car does not work.
    It simply will not connect to the app. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Holly says:

    Thanks! I just saved my husband from throwing his ipad across the garage!

  14. elm327 says:

    yeah, the elm327 is cheap and work great.

  15. Rocco says:

    Hi! I’ve connect my obd elm wifi to MY car (Bmw 2009) and works great with dashboard commander, when i try to use full Rev, Rev connects properly with elm (green light) and reads the VIN, but ALL pids shows the same blocked value! For example: rpm always 33, boost always 33 psi, speed always 33 mph…
    Do you have any ideas to resolve it??

    THANK YOU!!!

  16. PoPPaP says:

    Just wondering when connected to the ELM over wifi, can you still access the Internet through the cellular connection? Or would it timeout when trying to connect.

  17. PaulV says:

    Hi Gillaume… thanks for your info… got my Elm327 connected to my 4S in my MINI in flash.
    Just out of interest… the website blurb says… “It also includes a power switch built-in to prevent the need for having to constantly disconnect your unit from the OBDII port.”. Either its in software or I really am blind. The Elm looks just like the PLX’s but I noticed they have a tiny switch on the ‘wire’ end of the box… not my ELM327. Is that part of the cost-saving? Is it in software (is there an inactivity timeout?).

    • Guillaume says:

      I do not see any switch on mine.
      I would not leave it connected permanently in my car, I would be afraid of using too much of the car’s battery if I didn’t use it for a few days in a row.

      Also I left mine in for a while once and the wifi seemed to say active. I am not sure they have any inactivity timeout (at least mine – these things aren’t exactly all standard).

    • Steve says:

      I also read that there was an ON/OFF switch but my unit doe not have one either. I was disappointed that it does not. I’m sure someone here can figure out how to install one though.

  18. saad says:

    You change the settings by
    After rebooting the machine work
    Did not show me the name of the device?

    how i can rest?

  19. Guillaume says:

    I can confirm that this still works with the latest version of iOS (6.xx) on an iPhone 5.
    However, if you are unable to set the static IP (it always goes back to dynamic), try forgetting the network, turning off your phone and set the static IP after rebooting it.

  20. Manish says:

    Few questions:
    1. Does anyone have it working with a Mercedes?
    2. Any suggestions of apps besides Rev or DashCommand? Does anyone have it working with Engine Link?
    3. What are the potential apps that one can use on MacOS?


    • Steve says:

      I just got mine working with EngineLink (see my post below). Don’t have a Mercedes though. I’ve run it on my 02 Park Avenue and 99 F150 Triton.

  21. Steve says:

    The instruction here conflicts with the setup instructions that came with my ELM327 unit. My instructions say to set the IP address of the iPad and the ELM unit to the same address of The instructions in this blog indicate the IPs should be different which makes sense from a network point of view. You will not be able to get app (EngineLink in my case) to connect to your ELM with both IPs the same.

    My only question is regarding temperature. Is it normal for the ELM327 unit to become extremely warm during use? Mine becomes nearly too warm to handle and causes the dash above it to get extremely warm also, to the point I fear to leave it on for an extended period. For instance, if I wanted to let it run while driving on an extended trip of a few hours.

    • Guillaume says:

      Depending on who you bought it from, the instructions can be different as it’s a product sold to resellers who package it.

      Indeed, the IPs must be different.
      I’ve heard some people have devices with completely different IPs too. In my case, the IP wasn’t even in the instructions and I had to sniff and scan the network.

      Mine becomes very warm fast too. I would not leave it unattended and plugged in. I did drive with it for up to an hour with no issues but it’s definitely hot to the touch faster than that. Not the highest quality of a product I have seen but it’s good for pulling codes at least…

  22. Martin says:

    Hi I’ve just bought an ELM327 to read the fault codes on my ’05 ford focus, I’m having trouble connecting to either dashcommand or rev2lite,
    I’m using an ipad3 ios6 and my iphone5 ios6 and neither will work, I’ve been through the advice you gave earlier and changed the static ip on my phone to the one suggested, and set the ip in rev to the custom and entered the other ip, I can’t see anything happening in rev and dashcommand pops up with no device connected.

    I can connect to the network “clkdevice” but the softwares won’t connect. Any help please?

    • Martin says:

      I’ve just downloaded engine link and that worked first time, looks like its designed to work with the elm 327, shame the dealer I bought it from didn’t list it on his software list.
      Never mind, engine link has a step by step set up which is easy to follow and works,

      Now I just need to fix the car,

      Thanks everyone. Martin.

  23. Kalli says:

    I still can not connect to the iPhone 4S.
    All settings are as shown in the manual.

    When I type in Dashcmd with OPD II data port finder he find not the adapter.

    But when I type custom IP port 35000 and it can not open the data port.
    What is my mistake?
    Thank you

  24. Janson says:

    I have Iphone 4s and elm327 connected to a 2004 Ford Transit 2.0 tdci.
    The phone connected automatically to wifi called OBDII. I’ve tried the Rev2 Lite, and only reading I get is the voltage of the car battery. So there is a connection. Should the Lite version show more data than this? I only get the “metric is offline” notice.
    Or if this is a car make/model-based issue, I won’t spend my money on the full version.


  25. Travis says:

    I’m having the same problem using a iPhone 4 the wifi is connecting but it won’t connect to the app have tried everything suggested and more with no luck I’m out of ideas please help

  26. Travis says:

    Can you please tell me how to change the ssid name

  27. Gece Kushu says:

    Whats the login to the webserver running on the device? I can connect to it through my browser, however login details not suplied with the documentation.

  28. Ali says:

    Hi I have just bought elm 327
    Wifi interface

    It connects fine with my iphone 5, but I don’t know what app I should use for it help plzzzz

  29. Brett says:

    I am using DASH COMMAND with iPhone 5 (7.0.4) and connected to ELM327 wifi
    in dash command used Auto and in my iphone settings i put in the manual settings

    • Dan says:

      Brett, thanks for your post. I had iPhone 5s/ELM327 and it was connecting to wifi but failing to get any connection in DashCommand. I had the same static IP settings, but did not include any port.

      I got it working removing the IP from the “router” block, and setting up a “proxy server” identifying as the IP and 35000 as the port. Is that where you put the port or am I missing something else? Since it’s working now I don’t want to mess with it!

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  31. rich says:

    for iPhone or iPad use outils eobd facile, free on app store for basic use and 10.99 for premium

  32. Alec says:

    Help! I just got my elm 327 wifi from amazon and it’s asking for a wifi password! From what I’ve read online that seems rare. I tried typing in the ten character code that was written on the bag’s label, but that didn’t work. Any ideas? I also contacted the seller but haven’t heard back. Thanks!

  33. Alexandr says:

    which login\pass for telnet

    • Alexandr says:

      Ask for my question admin/admin
      Next question – i change wep for my wifi and then i can not connect to wifi…. What i do wrong?

      • Vladimir says:

        Та же проблема, не могу присоединиться к wifi после попытки поставить пароль на elm327 wifi.
        Александр, придумал как решить?

        • Alexandr says:

          Сегодня разобрал, там чип роутера и флеха, думал может батарейка какая есть….
          Вообщем походу трындец(((

          • Vladimir says:

            Разобрал вчера..))
            В надежде найти микруху, потом к ней даташит… Может ножки какие перемкнуть для сброса…
            Обломался, замкнул с горя всё на землю, по очереди….
            Вай Фай умер окончательно…

            Устройством успел воспользоваться два раза, купил неделю назад..)))
            Если и покупать такую штуку с вай фай, то только совместно с usb…

        • Alexandr says:

          Я вчера перемыкал, но не все подряд)
          Вафля работает, но зайти не могу(((
          Заказал новую, но мини от vgate. Потом просто админовский пароль поменяю.
          А так надо искать к на флеху их софт залить.

  34. jeff p says:

    ive got all the apps and scan tools working,wifi 4 iphone 4.and laptops usb interfaces as well.

  35. Aldon says:

    I just got a ELM327 and want to know which app do i need to run this?
    My iphone 5 is jailbroken

  36. steven says:

    i used dash command on iphone 4s
    connected, however all pid are blank. except battery reading.

    infiniti G35

    any advice?

  37. Mick Focus says:

    I just received my ELM327 in the mail today and i’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to get it to connect on 2004 Subaru WRX. I’ve tried everything i can find on the net and nothing seems to work. Ive also obtained a few apps to see if that makes any difference, but nothing. The light comes on to show it has power, but it just wont connect at all. Does anyone have anything else i can try?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    ps. I have an iPhone 5 (iOS 7.0.4)

    • Mick Focus says:

      It managed to connect this morning and now connects every time, but nothing seems to work. Is there something i’m not doing that may be stopping it from reading my car?

    • Mike says:

      Did you manage to solve this issue? I have the exact same problem

  38. Nelson L says:

    I can connect, no problems. But my car has no lights or warnings, and right after I connect it shows a couple of warnings for the traction control and transmission. Clearing them is pain, you do it using DashCommand, and they do not clear right away. You have to turn off the car and leave it off for a while and then it clears. But the Engine Light is on and only clears after two or three restarts. Is this common behavior to have after connecting? My car is a Chevrolet Captiva Sport 2.4l.

    • Nelson L says:

      Just to clarify, what I mean is: no codes before connecting the dongle, messages appear after I connect the dongle, and it is a pain to clear them. Is that normal?

  39. Tom says:

    hello. if someone can insert your ipad and iphone settings (ip, router, proxy) and program rev? because they all write vaguely

  40. Bmkluver95 says:


    I connect the obd port to my 06 golf. All the lights on the device blink then one red light comes on
    Nothing comes up in the wifi search on iPhone or iPad or PC. . Please helppppp

  41. keith says:

    i logged into the admin for the device, changed the ssid, enabled a wifi password, then enabled low power mode. i did not see a reboot button in the admin area, so i pulled the elm327 from the car and put it back in. after it came back on it showed the new ssid but without a lock icon indicating no security. i cannot join thr wireless network anymore. not on ipad2/droid4/windows laptop and my macbook. before i made this changes it worked fine for the first 24 hours. my device came with dhcp enabled, i have tried using static ip settings in all devices and still cannot commect to the elm327’s wifi network. i think the only way to fix this is to reset it back to factory settings.. that would require jumping some pins i assume

    • Guillaume says:

      I have no idea how to reset it. Based on your experience, I would recommend people do not enable any kind of WiFi security on this thing. Actually, due to the power consumption and how warm it can get, I would highly recommend not letting it plugged in all the time and just using it for brief periods of time. For me, the risk of someone spying on my OBD2 codes is low enough!

    • Alexandr says:

      As I am write previously, no way to repair it or to reset it!
      now you need to by new ELM327

    • Alexandr says:


      • Mftic says:

        yes I don’t see the point of putting a pass word on this.. as it only works around 20 50 ft.. I think you well see some one longing on to the ELM327. and even have soft wear on there phone to know what it is.. or looking for the connection at that time . beside your car..

        • Peter57 says:

          Just a small point: some cars (such as BMW) can be stolen if the criminal gets access to your OBD2 connector. It seems that OBD2 contains unprotected information which can be used to clone a car key which will start the engine. Getting access to wired OBD2 means jamming the remote control (door left open) or breaking the window, but much easier if you provide wireless access to the OBD2. These Wifi OBD2 dongles should have strong encryption and authentication, but it seems they don’t work with even with elementary security settings. Wifi and Bluetooth, strong avoid! Use wired only.

          • Guillaume says:

            Peter, this dongle is meant to be plugged to do troubleshooting – not to be left there. You are definitely right that an always on OBD2 wifi or Bluetooth connection would need to be secured properly. I’m quite certain the BMW connector uses some other protocols for advanced features like the ones used to clone keys.

    • Govi says:

      Were you able to figure it out? I am stuck too and need to reset it to factory settings…

  42. Mftic says:

    I just got my Mini V1.5 ELM327 OBD2 0BDII WIFI Car Diagnostic Scanner. This is what I did.. I got bluestack. A windows android emu. Then torque app Off The P bay.. Set Torque up to wifi.. loged to the device with windows when the app is running. Well it connected.. I have a 03 jeep liberty 3.7l Running it on a aspire 1one. Nice size Notebook for in a car..

  43. josej says:

    i just got my elm327 wifi and bluetooth wireless and i cant connect it. i plug it and only the red light is blinking. i cant find it either via bluetooh or wifi. i should retorn it or what??

    • Rune Ellingsen says:

      Did you figure this out? I have a similar problem. I can see the wifi on my phone but not connect with the app. Since only the red light(s) are blinking on the device I feel that there is a basic problem that I needs to be solved before trying to debug the connection to the app. Do you have a manual that tells that the different lights means? I got no manual so not sure what two blinkin red leds means…

  44. careucar says:

    yes, the elm327 is cheap now, it is very suitable for DIY car diangoste. I have a elm327, and also I have Launch X431 idiag, it is also work well on iphone and ipod.

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  46. siciliano says:

    non riesco a collegarmi mi chiede la password wifi ma non riesco a trovarla come posso fare

  47. Waxinator says:

    Using PLX Kiwi 2 ODBII WiFi.
    I got connection problem after iOS 5.1 upgrade.
    With this thread I managed to reconnect again !!!

    Manual IP setup for SSID: CLKDevices
    IP-adress: Static

    HTTP-Proxy: Manual
    Port: 35000

  48. Javier says:

    Elm327 works got just wondering if I can leave plugged in ?

  49. Josh says:

    My wifi network is being called wifi obd and i cant seem to figure out the wifi password does any one know by any chance what the password mighy be

  50. Aaron says:

    I bought a brand new ELM327 and I have iphone 5 on 7.1.2 and the network won’t show up on my list of wifi hosts to connect to.. I tried it with the car on and car off. And suggestions anyone?..

  51. Gabriel Rebelo says:

    What if the Wifi created by the ELM327 just desapears? Any tips regarding that?

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  53. Mike Kelly says:

    I’ve got the ELM327 WiFi and used Engine Link on a iPhone 4 with no problems at all, but now I have the iPhone 5s and things are different. I’m showing as being connected to the ELM327 via WiFi but I’m getting a connection error when trying to connection by the Engine Link APP. The IP numbers and port are correct. Is there something I’m missing?

  54. Pradeep Ahuja says:

    How do I check compatibility with my car? I have a 2012 touareg TDI.

  55. belkacem says:

    I obd2 wifi put his password
    The forgotten Is there a solution

  56. rade486 says:

    THERE IS NO WIFI NETWORK FROM ELM327 !!!!!!INo SSID !!!Tried to scan with several phones and laptops.
    I have 2pcs of ELM 327 WiFi and they both have the same isue.
    Sometimes,just sometimes SSID apears and I can connect to it, but it disappears again after half minute.
    I have noticed that this ELM327 WiFi needs more voltage, more power to operate.It works just when voltage of battery and alternator voltage goes over 14,4V. Try to start your vehicle and press gas pedal to the floor so the alternator gets the highest voltage possible.PLEASE SHARE YOUR KNOWLEGDGE ABOUT THIS ISSUE !!!

  57. Mark says:

    I bought a BT adapter by mistake, took me awhile before I found out that its because BT doesnt work for these adapter (why wouldnt they though). So far trying out all the apps on the store FourStroke, Dash, Rev all good

  58. Me says:

    I bought one of these things a couple years ago. I want to connect to it with telnet and a browser. It asks me for a username and password. I’ve emailed the seller but he has no clue. What are some of the usernames and passwords your devices have been set up with ?

  59. Charles says:

    I bought one the ELM327 units online plugged it in and used a free app on my iPhone 6. It worked great! Took it out and plugged it in a couple hours later and it worked great again! Plugged it in about an hour ago and it connects and gives me one reading (can’t remember what it was) and nothing else. No speed. No rpm. No coolant temperature. All of these things it did give me the first two times I tried it. And advice would be greatly appreciated.

  60. Charles says:

    I bought one the ELM327 units online plugged it in and used a free app on my iPhone 6. It worked great! Took it out and plugged it in a couple hours later and it worked great again! Plugged it in about an hour ago and it connects and gives me one reading (can’t remember what it was) and nothing else. No speed. No rpm. No coolant temperature. All of these things it did give me the first two times I tried it. And advice would be greatly appreciated.

  61. Rune Ellingsen says:

    Anyone got a manual for the CLKDevices? The manual I got with the purchase only shows how to setup the wifi and how to use the applications. However, I got two (out of five) leds that is blinking red and no manual to tell me what the leds means.

  62. Rkays says:

    I have this Bluetooth ELM 327MINI, but it does not connect with iphone 5S, i tried many apps. Can somebody suggest something , Please.

  63. Garry says:

    Hope it’s not seen as spamming, but as some comments suggest terminal programs to check connections… Just thought I’d mention OBD Terminal for wifi elm327 devices on the iPhone and iPad App Store. It allows protocol selecting, and basic OBD commands to diagnose connection problems.

  64. helioz2000 says:

    There are some faulty OBD2 WiFi modules being sold on eBay.
    I had a couple of them myself and fixed them as described in this link:

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