Rage inducing quit fix for VMware Fusion and Cmd-Q

Sick of hitting cmd-q to quit an app in a VM but then shutting down VMware Fusion and 6 VMs that get suspended and that you need to restart and ARGHH?

Who isn’t?

Just go in Fusion’s preference menu and do this.

It’ll work as long as the mouse focus is in a VM. If you hit cmd-q while Fusion has focus but no VM does, you will still end up quitting Fusion.

This should still resolve 90% of my ARGH-quits.

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3 Responses to Rage inducing quit fix for VMware Fusion and Cmd-Q

  1. Lantrix says:

    Awesome. I was doing this about twice a day in VMware fusion. Muscle memory for quitting an app is CMD-Q and it was so annoying seeing “Shutting Down”. Thanks!

  2. Sam says:

    This is incredibly useful! To fix the other 10% go to Preferences and check the box next to “Confirm before closing”

  3. Jay Kuhne says:

    omg thank you! My Outlook thanks you….

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