Trolling as a Service (TaaS)

We live in a world of services. From infrastructure to software, everything is a service. Even pizza.

Today, I officially introduce the concept of TaaS (Trolling as a Service). The goal of TaaS is to allow you to troll a person while leveraging economies of scale.

First of all, you will need the “aaS” part. I used Fancyhands (yes, this is a referral link that gives me some credit with them and half a month off to new TaaS users). The amazing thing about TaaS is that you can prank a person perfectly as the person pranking does not even know that the whole thing is a prank. If you are not telling the truth but you aren’t aware of that fact, you are the best liar in the world.

My first and only attempt (yet) at using TaaS was to prank Andreas Lindh, a world renowned information security researcher. I had seen him endorse other people for “Unicorns” on LinkedIn, obviously as a joke. I got in touch with my TaaS.

Find a way to get in touch on the phone or voicemail with Andreas Lindh at work and ask him if his Unicorn endorsements are for sale, and if so, for how much.

Note that I do not mention that this is a prank. For sure, the person reading this might have guessed so, but does not know for sure. Asking me might’ve been awkward too. What if unicorns were real?

Then, I received two of the greatest emails I ever received:

I would be happy to assist you with this request.
I shall give him a call tomorrow during Sweden’s business hours and find out if these are for sale for you and if so, how much they are priced at. I thank you for your patience.

So professional.

I called them a couple of times and they are not answering. Their message was in Swedish so I was unable to understand what it said. I wanted to ask, are you open to me sending them an email?

Email was obviously out of the picture very fast. I insisted on a phone Troll payload delivery, even if it meant waiting a few more days. I then received this.

I called and was able to reach Andreas. He was wondering why I was calling, because he said that a friend put that in his LinkedIn page and that the Unicorn endorsements are just a joke. He also thought that perhaps I was a person calling for a friend of his to play upon this joke. He was in no way upset about the call and had a good laugh and apologized for any misunderstanding. I thanked him kindly for his time and wished him a wonderful rest of his day. I hope this helps. But, if you should need anything else in regards to this task, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please be well and enjoy your week ahead. Take care.

I was almost dying of laughter when I saw this show up in my Twitter Timeline.

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