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Securosis Blog | Full Disk Encryption Advice from a Reader

I spoke with Rich Mogull about FDE last week. A few tips that are worth reading.

Securosis Blog | Full Disk Encryption FDE Advice from a Reader.

Securosis Blog | $50K buys how much FDE?

Securosis Blog | $50K buys how much FDE?.

You have no excuse if you don’t encrypt corporate hard drives. Note that I didn’t say laptop hard drives, and that wasn’t a mistake either.

The cost of having two different setups (encrypted laptops and unencrypted desktops) to support plus the risk of having a desktop stolen, which is lower than a laptop but exists, typically make it simpler and better to just encrypt every end user computer.

There are many great solutions that can be integrated or not to existing platforms such as Active Directory, and many provide a good end user experience.

The performance hit is very minimal, centralized management is available, as well as recovery options and features to push the key temporarily to do patch management.

What’s your excuse, next company that will experience a leak due to a stolen computer?

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